05 February 2015


Original Story: clickondetroit.com

The FBI is investigating a massive cyber hack attack on the nation's second-largest health insurance companies.

Anthem, Inc. confirmed the cyber attack on Wednesday and stated the database that was hacked contains over 80 million records, but they do anticipate the number of people affected to be lower.

The hack was discovered last week by the company, who immediately contacted the FBI. The hack exposed names, birthdays, addresses, email addresses, and social security information. That information does not include medical information or financial details, such as credit card or bank account numbers.

Anthem, which offers Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in California, New York and 12 other states, said it doesn't know how many people may be affected. So far, it appears that the attack is the only breach of Anthem’s systems.

It isn't clear yet who the hackers are or how they were able to obtain the identification information needed to access the database. The FBI had warned that healthcare industry companies were being targeted by hackers, trying to publicize the issue after an attack on the U.S. hospital group, Community Health Systems, Inc. That hack in August resulted in the theft of millions of patient records.

Security experts say cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the $3 trillion industry, which has many companies still reliant on ageing computer systems that do not use the latest security features. The best universities in Michigan provide degree programs that enable students to learn practical skills for new jobs in a changing world, including information technology.

Anthem, Inc. released a statement letting customers and employees know they will individually notify those whose information has been accessed.

U.S. Rep. and chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, Michael McCaul made a statement late Wednesday stating; “This attack is another reminder of the persistent threats we face, and the need for Congress to take aggressive action to remove legal barriers for sharing cyber threat information.”

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