26 March 2013

iMRI Technology Leads to Better Neurosurgical Results for Patients

Story originally appeared on Spectrum Health.

With iMRI, our neurosurgeons can clearly see brain or spine tumors while performing surgery. Use of iMRI during tumor removal surgery greatly reduces the risk of damaging other areas located near a tumor and helps confirm successful removal of the entire tumor before the patient leaves the operating room. 

Clinical studies have shown that more complete tumor removal improves odds of survival and the effectiveness of other therapies, like radiation therapy and chemotherapy, which may follow tumor removal surgery.

Neurosurgeons can use iMRI to remove difficult brain tumors, like pituitary tumors or those located in the skull base, with greater accuracy and safety. They also may use iMRI during deep brain stimulation procedures and epilepsy surgery. 

The iMRI enables a surgeon to promptly confirm progress during brain and spine tumor surgery. Patients are smoothly moved from the operating side of a specially designed surgical suite into the imaging machine and then returned to surgery. With the imaging results immediately available, the surgeon can determine if as much of the tumor as possible has been removed, or if the surgery can or should safely continue.

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