30 September 2010

Wound Care The New Way

Hyperbaric chamber immerses patients in pure oxygen

An innovative method for wound care places patients in a tube-like chamber filled with pure oxygen. The new treatment approach is cutting edge and highly effective for healing all types wounds.

A case of a patient suffering from ulcers on his legs, associated with venous insufficiency, proves the chamber's wound healing worthiness. The patient's skin is vulnerable to ulceration, and the soreness caused by any sort of friction takes a long time to heal. Starting mid-Summer, he began regular treatment at his local wound healing facility. The center opened in early June and utilizes a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to treat chronic and highly sensitive wounds.

In a matter of few session in the chamber, the patient realized drastic improvements. "The wounds themselves have reduced significantly," he said. "And what's most encouraging is that no new ulcers have developed."

The chamber is making its way into hospitals all throughout Michigan. From the Macomb County Wound Care Center located just north of Detroit, to the neighboring Medical Center of Wound Care in Oakland county MI, the application and popularity of pure oxygen treatment is emerging.

The physicians operating the facility are drawn to the chamber's wonders. "The hyperbaric oxygen therapy Macomb County has to offer is the new way of wound treatment." said a southwest Michigan wound care specialist. "Many patients who have struggled to heal after months of traditional treatment methods are experienced promising results after just a few therapy sessions in the Macomb County hyperbaric chamber."

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be applied to treat a wide range of issues. Such wounds include diabetic wounds, slow-to-heal injuries and compromised grafts, among other skin-related conditions. Before beginning the therapy, a prospective patient must have a "chronic" wound — a wound that has not displayed signs of healing in 30 days of treatment.

Among other medical centers in the southwest Michigan area that have been witnessing similar results is the Lapeer County Wound Care Center.

After a traumatic car accident, a young patient had problems healing a critical leg abrasion. The injury was very slow to heal using tradition approaches to treatment, which entailed minimal surgical intervention and ointments to help heal the skin. The boy started hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Lapeer County, and in a matter of days, his skin showed signs of clearing and the soreness was greatly alleviated.

The chamber treatment requires a serious time commitment. For up to six weeks, patients must immerse themselves in the pure oxygen chamber for 90 minutes to two hours, five days a week. Weekly photographs of the wounds are taken to analyze signs of healing tissue as well as to evaluate the overall healing schedule.

Most chambers are constructed with glass, so the see-through tank allows patients to watch a TV mounted on the outside. Many patients of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Lapeer county Michigan's medical center have claimed the treatment process to be peaceful and relaxing.

"The abundance of oxygen is rejuvenating!" as described by one patient after experiencing the chamber for the first time. "Not only do I feel better, but I can already sense the treatment is speeding my wound's healing process." she added.

A similar case occurred in a hyperbaric chamber at Oakland County Michigan's Crittenton Hospital. A patient with a severe case of diabetes - a common candidate for the chamber - noticed drastic healing in puncture wound after a week of the treatment. He claimed that the pain was very persistent, and becuase he was diabetic, the recovery process was long and enduring. After completing a month of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the Oakland county facility, his pain was "barely noticeable".

The hyperbaric chamber is pressurized to the equivalent of about 60 feet of sea water, said one of the doctors who helps wound care patients. The chamber has enabled diabetic patients to avoid amputation for foot-related issues, the doctor added.

In case of the medical center in Lapeer county Michigan, as well as most other providers, patients go through an extensive evaluation before they are admitted for treatment in the Lapeer County hyperbaric chamber. This allows nurses and physicians to fully understand the effectiveness of the chamber with respect to each unique case as well as its infancy in wound care treatment.

At the end of a week-4 session in the chamber, the patient suffering from ulcers on his leg claimed his discomfort decreased to an "astonishing" level. As more and more patients seek the hyperbaric chamber for wound care, the proven effectiveness of the pure oxygen treatment grows even more valid and accepted around the nation.

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