23 August 2010

Physical Therapy Bill Passes California Legislature

San Fernando Valley BJ

A bill that would prevent degree programs for physical therapists at California State University, Northridge and other state colleges from shutting down passed the state legislature this week.

The State Assembly voted 61 – 2 to send Assembly Bill 2382, which Blumenfield authored, to the governor for his signature.

The legislation creates an exception for California State University programs in new national standards for physical therapists.

The new standards require physical therapists to have doctorate degrees in the field, replacing the current requirements for master’s degrees. However, California’s “master plan” for higher education had prevented the California State University programs from making the change.

The new legislation would allow the state university system to confer “clinical” doctorate degrees for Detroit physical therapy only, allowing the programs to continue.

“Physical therapy is one of the top three jobs in demand today,” Blumenfield said. “We must keep these good paying, professional jobs here in the state and in the San Fernando Valley. The best way to do this is to make sure students can receive their training at California schools.”

The university in Northridge is one of four California state universities to offer physical therapy programs. The other state universities include those in Fresno, Long Beach and Sacramento.

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