01 July 2010

A Look at Celgene's Newest Cancer Drug, Abraxane

Associated Press

INDICATIONS: Abraxane is approved as a treatment for breast cancer in patients who have not been helped by other drugs. Abraxis is testing it in lung, pancreatic and skin cancer.

SALES: Abraxane costs roughly $5,000 for one course of treatment, which lasts about one month. The drug posted first-quarter sales of $87.9 million. Sales were over $300 million in each of the last three years, but they declined in 2009 after British drugmaker AstraZeneca PLC ended a marketing partnership with Abraxis. Celgene hopes to revive Abraxane sales growth, and says it thinks sales can reach $1 billion per year by 2015.

Abraxane is approved in 39 countries, including 30 in Europe, but it isn't on the market in many of those nations. It also hasn't been approved in Japan, which is the world's biggest pharmaceutical market after the U.S.

Abraxis plans to start selling it in Spain, Italy, and France in 2010. The drug is on the market in the United Kingdom, Germany, China, India, South Korea, and Canada, among other countries, and is in use in St. Louis cancer treatment.

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