11 June 2010

California Nurses Rally for Higher Staffing Levels

Mercury News

Nurses at University of California hospitals around the state are rallying to demand a new contract with increased staffing levels.

Thursday's rallies come after a San Francisco judge barred the 11,000 nurses from staging a one-day strike for at least two weeks. The judge agreed with UC officials that a strike would pose a health risk to patients although he did agree to consider the issue further at a June 18 hearing.

The nurses and UC officials are at odds over salaries and staffing levels, as they begin contract discussions. Nurses say staffing levels often fall below state-mandated levels during breaks or shift changes.

UC officials say they are complying with state staffing requirements.

The rallies are being held at UC hospitals in Davis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Irvine and Santa Monica.

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